The below schedule may vary depending on the actual timing of the client’s approval of the layouts and/or the confirmation of the rendered pool shell dimensions by the Master Contractor or pool builder. This latter confirmation is required to ensure that the actual finished pool walls and floor dimensions (rendered with its finish) comply with the tolerances set forth in the client approved layouts prior to fabrication activities of your movable pool floor

  • WEEK 01 # Purchase Order - Deposit Payment

    Engineering and drafting team working our the integration drawings of your project

  • WEEK 4 # Drawings issuance - Second payment

    Once the drawings are issued. Our project manager is meeting with you, your architect, your pool builder to validate the drawings and all technical parameters

    WEEK 4 # Drawings issuance - Second payment

  • WEEK # 14 - Equipment ready - Third payment

    Manufacturing activities completed. Floor structure ready for shipping

  • WEEK # 14 to 17

    Equipment delivery. Shipping time depending on geographical location

    WEEK # 14 to 17

  • WEEK # 17 to 20

    Installation period. Unikpools ’s technical team travelling 48h before equipment is scheduled to arrive onsite

  • WEEK # 18 to 20

    Floor inspection and commissioning - Installation duration depending on pool size and options

    WEEK # 18 to 20