Unikpools is a Belgium and UAE based company specialized in the design & installation of exclusive swimming pools & movable swimming pool floors for private users, aquatic facilities, yacht owners and manufacturers, therapeutic institutes, real estate developers, entertainment venues, hotels and resorts,… and for almost any type of swimming pool and spa.

We welcome any challenge and we are constantly inventing new ways to define and redefine the space in which you live, work or play. We are travelling the world to meet you, focussing on your needs, transforming your dreams into reality.

Space is a luxury 

and our movable pool floor technology brings it to you

Our movable pool floors are compatible with a wide range of architectural finishes and flooring materials to perfectly match with your indoor or outdoor environment. Unikpools using Akvo Spiralift actuators provides a high-load-capacity solution to create multipurpose swimming pools adapted to different kind of aquatic activity.

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